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Spotlight Multimedia Inc. is an event organizing company, created with the aim of setting a standard of professionalism, creativity and excellence in the performing arts through the provision of top notch programs and services.

Currently, the company is focused on bringing to the limelight young talents in the performing arts from various Tertiary Institutions in the country whose crisp directing and acting skills have gained them many admirers both on and off their respective Campus.

These ‘Campus Heroes’ usually undertake such performances as academic obligations, and often feel an air of accomplishment once the scheduled performances are over, thus, they are not challenged to take such great performances and talents to a larger Audience who will appreciate Stage Play (Drama).

Spotlight Multimedia Inc. is therefore set to take up the challenge of helping to expose these talents, coupled with satisfying the desire of society to experience the magic of live theatre.


To provide the society with quality entertainment through performances that will help generate and sustain people’s interest in live theater.


These we hope to achieve by ensuring high standards of professionalism, creativity and excellence in our productions.


Our goal is to produce a stage adaptation of the award winning Disney animation, Beauty and the Beast as a timely relevant musical theater to suit our African setting.

We are using this play which is one of the most beautiful love stories ever told to celebrate the week of Saint Valentine.