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Ghanaian Princess: An interview with Sheila Boakye Agyemang by Ghana Rising.

Shelia[on the left] with her friends on a night out[yes, I recognise some of her friends too] How Fabulous are these ladies!

Shelia [on the left] with her friends chilling out on the beach in Accra…

“It is my dream that Ghana becomes a real Home –where its citizens won’t want to travel outside for greener pastures. I dream of a Ghana with a vibrant Model industry that pays its models well.” Sheila Boakye Agyemang’s

I love and –have enjoyed all our interviews on Ghana Rising [so far], but I have until now, -been eluded by an interview with a Ghana based -Ghanaian Princess…. Well folks, –I’m very pleased to bring you our very first interview with a Ghana based Princess called Sheila Boakye Agyemang; -a beautiful sister living in the Dansoman area in Accra. Shelia is a mother, a model [Exopa Models, Ghana] and a student –and I stumbled across her via a music website –and then managed to contact her via Facebook. I’m so pleased to be able to introduce Shelia -because she is the ‘contemporary’ face of Africa that is not [often] portrayed or celebrated, -she is not starving or dying [praise God] but is out there ‘doing-her-thing’ –and I’m sure you’ll agree -she is pretty special. Viva Shelia…Enjoy folks……xx

GR: Hi Shelia how are you?
SBA: I’m good!!

GR: Are you working or studying right now?
SBA: At the moment I’m a model with Exopa but I recently completed a course in ‘Passenger Handling’ at International Travel and Tourism Institute and hope to be part of the Emirates Cabin crew.

GR: Can you tell us about your background?
SBA: I’m a simple and out going person -and this has gained me the love and favor from many. I live in Dansoman with my family, -my mom and my siblings. I have two sisters who are twins, Edith and Judith -and my son Nana Agyeman Bawuah.

GR: Wow you have a son [Nana Agyeman Bawuah]. How old is he -and how do you juggle the joys of motherhood, modelling and your ‘Travel and Tourism’ training?
SBA: Oh-my-goodness! Nana is a lovely son…He is seven years…I love him so much. He is a gift from God. He makes me happy when I’m sad. I love him so much. He schools in Dansoman. I make real and precious time for my son, -I put him ahead of everything I do. I get help from my lovely family -especially my mum. She steps in for me when it’s hard for me. My sisters have also been supportive. To be able to juggle motherhood, modelling and the ‘Travel and Tourism’, I need to make a well planned schedule for myself, -this helps me to plan before hand. I will credit most of my success to the Almighty God. He gave me a precious son, a lovely family and my wonderful Self.

GR: Ghana is so hot right now. Can you name the following?
GR: Your favorite Ghanaian night club?
SBA: Cinderella’s

GR: Your favorite Ghanaian recording artist [singer etc]?
SBA: Sarkodie

GR: Your favorite Ghanaian [fashion] model?
SBA: Jocelyn Nketia of Exopa Ghana

GR: Your favorite Ghanaian Actor and Actress?
SBA: Nadia Buari and Kofi Adu (Agya Koo)

Actress Nadia Buari [pictured here with her partner – footballer, Michael Essien] is Shelia’s favorite Ghanaian actress….

GR: Your favorite part of Ghana and why?
SBA: Accra -because there are a lot of opportunities in Accra.

GR: How do you chill out?
SBA: I love Night clubbing with my girl friends and male friends especially Nana Kwame Adu-Gyamfi.

GR: How would you describe your style?
SBA: When it comes to dressing, I like it simple and nice and catchy, -a little make-up with short nails. I’m a very humble and moderate person [character wise I mean].

GR: Name your favorite Ghanaian designer(s)?
SBA: Nana Esi Hene, Kiki Clothing and Salimi Akil

GR: You are beautiful -what is your secret?
SBA: God the PROVIDER!!! I use Palmer’s for my body and Blue Magic for my hair. I wear Hugo Boss (for women), Sentiment by Escada and Matsuri Annayaki

GR: Who does your hair, your nails and do you go to the gym?
SBA: First Choice….I visit the Gym.

GR: On to more serious stuff, -what are your hopes and dreams for Ghana?

SBA: It is my dream that Ghana becomes a real Home –where its citizens won’t want to travel outside for greener pastures. I dream of a Ghana with a vibrant Model industry that pays its models well.

GR: Thank you gorgeous lady. God Bless all your dreams.
SBA: Thanks and long live Ghana Rising!!!

Some of Sheila Boakye Agyemang’s favourite things…

Sheila Boakye Agyemang modeling Kiki Clothing during Ghana Fashion Week…

Like all ‘girls-about-town’ Sheila loves fashion [she is a model after all] –and is a big fan of Nana Esi Hene, Kiki Clothing and Salimi Akil. Pictured in one of my favourite pieces from the Kiki Clothing Collection –Shelia [a fan of simple but elegant dressing] looks fabulous –[www.kikiclothing.com].

With regards to beauty [apart from her good genes] –she credits God for all her physical blessings; and also uses Palmers for her face [and body] –and Blue Magic for her hair. I’m also a big fan of Palmer’s and particularly love their Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula enriched with Vitamin E. This soothing and rich moisturizing –emollient; soften and heals rough, dry skin, -smoothing and blending unattractive marks and scars [www.etbrowne.com].

Shelia has fabulous taste in perfumes –and is a big fan of Escada and Hugo Boss fragrances. Both Desire Me by Escada [www.escada.com] and Hugo Boss Femme Perfume are classic, feminine fragrances -that will see any busy gal -from office to ‘girl’s night out’ [www.hugo.com].

Some Pictures of Sheila

Sheila and her pal Royal

Credit: Ghana Rising – http://ghanarising.blogspot.com



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